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Fast & Seamless: The Race for the Cross-Border Payments Market

Competition in the business of facilitating cross-border payments has just gotten tighter. Until recently, the primary fintech challenger to the reigning SWIFT international payment system has been Ripple Labs and its various products designed for the institutional banking sector. The first week of September saw

Linux Foundation Launches New Hyperledger Blockchain Training Course

The Linux Foundation has opened enrollment for its new advanced training course for Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology, according a press release published September 5.   The new course, ‘Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals,’ is a further addition to the Foundation’s enterprise-oriented blockchain education efforts, which already include

Social Engineering: The Elusive Adversary in Cybersecurity

Securing enterprise information is a difficult job – protecting systems, networks & endpoints from ever-evolving external and internal threats is a constantly moving target. Social engineering makes it a next-to-impossible feat as it sneaks under the radar and slowly spreads its tentacles. What Is Social