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The Top 5 ICO Token Platforms

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What are ICO token platforms? You’ve most likely already had a million decisions to make while preparing yourself start your own ICO. One of the many things you have to think about is what platform you should create your token on.  Fortunately, as things currently stand, you do not require to carry out comprehensive market research study and choose between some similarly appropriate options – your choice will mainly be determined by the kind of project you’re introducing.

What is the most popular ICO token platform?

ICOWatchList reports that over 82% of ICO projects choose Ethereum as their platform. Ethereum seems to dominate the market for ICO tokens, so it’s not likely it’ll change anytime soon. Ethereum is known as the most hassle-free and straightforward to utilize service. However, in spite of effectively being a monopolist in the current market and a go-to platform for the majority of ICOs, Ethereum is experiencing issues with scalability as well. The main concern Ethereum has is that lack of potential growth.

What are the alternatives?

The option will come through emerging platforms like EOS, Cardano, Tezos and numerous others that will go into the marketplace. When these and comparable jobs are up and running, the market will undoubtedly end up being a lot more competitive.

Make your own blockchain

Finally, around 9 percent of projects select establishing their custom Blockchain platform, and there’s continuously an apparent reason to do so. Ethereum did it to extend the abilities of Bitcoin’s Blockchain beyond a peer-to-peer payment system. Other start-ups, such as Ripple and Stratis, required their platforms to be fine-tuned as the projects mostly cater for big business clients, banks, payment suppliers and so on.

The top 5 most popular ICO token platforms

This particular guide will cover five currently existing platforms that have presently had at least some successful ICOs hung on them.

#1 – Ethereum

The Ethereum platform does not need much intro. It controls the blockchain market; its creator Vitalik Buterin is hands down one of the most well-known people in cryptocurrency. Ether is the world’s second most known cryptocurrency right behind Bitcoin. Their platform is an all-time favorite for ICOs.

#2 – Stellar

Stellar is a project co-founded by Jed McCaleb, who was the mastermind behind such jobs as Ripple and Mt GOX, which throughout Jed’s time there was managing more than 70 percent of all Bitcoin transactions. Possibly it’s worth noting that Jed sold his share in the business and Mt GOX was re-coded before the infamous hack occurred.

#3 – NEO

NEO (formerly called Antshares) is a Chinese platform, and if we discovered anything, then it’s that China approaches cryptocurrency differently than their Western counterparts. The governments are not overly lax with their regulations on blockchain businesses. Mining and ICOs ICOs is a relatively unfavorable one, but huge services and banks are delighted by the potential of Blockchain technology.

#4 – Waves

Waves are built using the Scala design language and utilize a new procedure called Waves-NG. It’s an adaptation of Bitcoin-NG proposition, which was created to fix Bitcoin’s scalability issues, to Waves’ proof-of-stake consensus. This protocol allows the network to process around 100 transactions per second.

#5 – NEM

NEM is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform released in 2015 with businesses in mind. It was composed in Java from scratch, with a C++ variation in development. The NEM blockchain software was acquired by Mijin, which is being evaluated by private business and business institutions throughout Japan.

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