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Top Ten WealthTech stories in 2018 – FinTech Futures

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Witness the wonders of the wealthtech world with our top ten stories in 2018.

Acquisitions, apps and awesome action

State Street to buy Charles River Systems for $2.6bn
Looking for action in an $8 billion revenue pool.

Wealthtech woes mean jobs go at Ohpen UK office
EXCLUSIVE. Dutch software vendor made 19 staff redundant.

Hauck & Aufhäuser launches robo-advisor Zeedin
It’s a private bank not a German TV detective show.

Nomura goes quantum in asset management space
Quantum computing with Tohoku University in Sendai.

FCA gets it on for UK asset management competition
UK’s Financial Conduct Authority revealed its efforts.

Openbank launches investment robo-advisor
Santander’s digital banking subsidiary in Spain stays active.

Freetrade set sails for early access roll-out
UK-based challenger mobile stockbroker app makes progress.

SS&C to acquire wealthtech Eze Software for $1.45bn
Buys it from TPG Capital for an all-cash transaction.

The Finbourne supremacy fires up with wealthtech club
They plan to design a shared cloud-based investment management platform.

Moneyfarm moves on Germany with Vaamo acquisition
It now has its third core market, alongside the UK and Italy.

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