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Building the Future of Artificial Intelligence for Everyone

Building the Future of Artificial Intelligence for Everyone Enabling Technologies by Elena Mesropyan · May 10, 2018 MEDICIGlobal Head of Content [embedded content] “Three critical factors converged around the last decade [2000s and the beginning of 2000-teenth], the three computing factors: the advancement of hardware

US: West Virginia Completes First Blockchain-Supported State Elections

Polls closed in West Virginia’s primary election May 8, completing the first government-run, blockchain-supported vote in US history, ETHNews reported May 9. While most voters cast regular ballots, special voters in certain districts voted on a mobile blockchain-based platform. The blockchain-based mobile voting platform, developed

Chatbot Evolution –European Chapter

The GDPR, taking effect May 25, 2018, holds a promise to unify data privacy requirements across the European Union (EU). The regulation is set to change how data controllers and data processors obtain and manage user information, giving the user more power over personal data.

Daily Review: Setting the Principles of Responsible Innovation

“FinTech investment and talent will flow to countries where regulation facilitates innovation. While regulators in the United States have made progress, our international peers are moving quickly to modernize regulations in response to FinTech. This is too important to be left behind. Regulators can make

Facebook Forms Exploratory Blockchain Team Led By Coinbase Board Member

David Marcus, the head of Facebook’s messaging app Messenger, announced that the social media site is exploring possible applications for blockchain technology, CNBC reported May 8. “I’m setting up a small group to explore how to best leverage blockchain across Facebook, starting from scratch,” Marcus

The Evolution of Chatbots in the US

Online experiences – mobile or desktop – have a similar set of shortcomings originating from a limited set of UI structures. Here are some of the most common issues with online experiences: difficulty to navigate sites, finding answers to simple questions, finding basic details about

Daily Review: Innovations in the Air Transportation Industry

The aviation industry has been one of the curious discoveries this year as a high-potential market for technology innovation – payments, biometrics, and more. A little over a month ago, the aviation technology company SITA reported that three out of five airports and two out