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Full Stack Development Tools Lowering Blockchain Entry Barriers

Companies looking to use Blockchain technology are enjoying lower barriers to entry, thanks to the creation of effective software tools. Despite industry interest in Blockchain, adoption is still relatively low. This is partially due to the newness of the technology. At present, for example, there

What Lessons Can Be Learnt From Tezos ICO Debacle

Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton, the Sage of Shoreditch, explores the infighting at Tezos that reveals the ICOs structural challenges. It looks like the SEC will demand Tezos’ founders refund investors’ money…all $232 mln of it. Apparently there are some deep seated personal and structural

Self-Replenishing Blockchain is Finding Implementation Everywhere

In its early days, discussions around the Blockchain industry bordered mainly around Bitcoin and financial technology (fintech). The debate on Bitcoin as a currency or commodity lingered for some period of time, as did the question of whether Blockchain can become successfully implemented within the

CommerceBlock: Bringing Cryptocurrency to the Mainstream with BIP175

While cryptocurrencies and a new world money order are an intriguing story, the main driver of value in the Blockchain economy will be the enterprise applications the Blockchain will host. Virtually all major companies and banks are exploring Blockchain applications to replace their current IT

How Blockchain Technology Made It to Real Estate Business

Every now and then, we get reports of another old-fashioned industry embracing Blockchain and its innovations. Even though this parade is mostly led by IT-related industries, such as finance, social media or eSports, their more traditional peers seem to gain pace. There have been news

Blockchain: Best Thing For Gaming Since Invention of Internet

If you check out pricing websites like CryptoCompare or CoinMarketcap, you’ll see hundreds of cryptocurrencies. As you may imagine, not all of these are focused on being an alternative currency or payment system. From smart contract platforms like Ethereum to fiat-backed assets like the Tether

Companies Applying Blockchain For Better Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty and engagement are among the most important metrics for measuring modern retail company’s success. To woo potential customers and reward the long-standing ones for their patronage, almost every successful business nowadays employs loyalty programs of some sort. Statistically, you, dear reader, most probably