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S. Korean Finance Minister: Blockchain Can ‘Revolutionize The World’

While on trip to China for economic talks, South Korea’s Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon spoke positively about the potential for Blockchain, saying that “Blockchain technology can disrupt and revolutionize the world,” according to the South Korean-based Yonhap News Agency. During a meeting with Zhou Xiaochuan,

Can Online Gambling Ever Become Safe and Transparent Business?

If there is a business out there that is in need of more transparency and reliability, it is probably the $500 bln online gambling industry. The latest company to join the Blockchain frenzy is the decentralized LetBet Platform. Its premise is quite simple, allow players

Why the Service Industry Needs Blockchain, Explained

How is the service industry doing? The service is developing not as fast as it could. Like any other business, the service industry is trying to keep up to date. But there are still some issues slowing down the progress. Money. It’s not that simple