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Daily Review: In 2017, Global Remittances Reached $613 Billion

Globally, remittances reached $613 billion in 2017. After two consecutive years of decline, remittance flows rebounded in all regions in 2017: in Europe & Central Asia by 20.9%, in sub-Saharan Africa by 11.4%, in the Middle East & North Africa by 9.3%, in Latin America

The FinTech IPO Wave Continues to Pick Up Pace

The FinTech narrative has certainly evolved from disruption to collaboration. With the increasing incumbent activity through bank-FinTech partnerships, acquisitions, as well as growing VC funding, the global FinTech market has been maturing over the period. The recent years have been really exciting for venture capitalists

Opportunities for Financial Inclusion in China

Digital financial technology, and particularly the accelerated adoption of mobile phones around the world, has facilitated expanding access to financial services to hard-to-reach populations and small businesses at low cost and risk, according to the World Bank: Digital IDs make it easier than ever before

SupTech – Regulators’ Push to RegTech

RegTech as a segment has been witnessing immense interest and activity in the recent past – be it due to the huge fines for non-compliance being imposed by regulators across the world; the reputational damage resulting from these fines, especially for the large, well-known banks;

How Cognitive, RegTech & Blockchain Are Transforming Financial Services

[embedded content] Vivek Bajaj, Global Vice President – Watson Financial Services Solutions, Member Industry Academy at IBM, explains why existing financial institutions have the ability to use existing data on clients to differentiate themselves, leading to the concept of contextual understanding. “In (the) old days,