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Not All Doom and Gloom for Chinese Bitcoin Miners

Even amid future regulatory constraints, Chinese Bitcoin miners could withstand a massive market crash due to the low electricity costs in the country. According to Bloomberg, China’s thriving Bitcoin mining industry would still be highly profitable if Bitcoin price were to drop to $7,000. Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining Can Power Neuroscience, Says Matrix Chief AI Scientist

At this year’s BlockShow Asia, Yangdong Deng, chief AI scientist of Blockchain startup Matrix, explained how inserting Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the Blockchain ecosystem would make it possible to use Bitcoin mining computational power for scientific innovation. According to Deng, the current computing power being

China’s Miners on Tenterhooks as Exchanges Soon Shut

While there has been nothing officially done on the legality of Bitcoin mining, amid bans striking other parts of the cryptocurrency market such as ICOs and exchanges, there is still fear and uncertainty. Miners in China have always managed to turn a profit, with the