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Bitcoin vs. Altcoins: Which is the Most Usable for Merchants?

Volatile or not, there’s growing public demand for retailers and businesses to accept payment in cryptocurrency. According to a survey published in June by the United Kingdom-based crypto-exchange CreditCoin, 75 percent of American consumers want the option to use cryptocurrencies to pay for items they purchase

Innovation Is at the Forefront for Infosys Finacle

FinTechs are reimagining banking customer journeys. As incumbent banks struggle to keep up with changing technology requirements and customer expectations, FinTechs have been quick to leverage the opportunities to attract banking customers. However, as many FinTechs have realized, sustaining the initial success will require collaboration

How Banks Are Using Strategic Pricing to Empower their Customers

Strategic pricing enhances customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction across all industries, whether it’s hospitality and travel, or retail goods. In a new era of banking, where interest rates are quickly rising, banks need to consider strategic pricing to maintain customer stickiness and remain profitable. With

ETN vs. ETF: Which Is the Investor’s Dream?

There has been a big push for investors to be able to buy Bitcoin without actually having to buy the digital currency. Products — such as futures — have entered the market and upon their arrival in early December last year, Bitcoin rallied toward $20,000.

Insurance of Things: Driving a New Era of Digital Disruption

Standing in one line with other disruptive technologies, IoT keeps on popping up in discussions here and there as one of the overarching trends. With IoT breaking into insurance, the alliance spawned yet another concept – Insurance of Things, which is driving a new era